Modest or Not?What do you think of this open shoulder and bare arm shown in this ensemble?

modest fashion and styles for modern womens clothing and mormon apparel

This vest from Milly puts the fun in function; it’s bright colors and denim details add a quick pick-me-up to any outfit. A bare shoulder and arm are not the focus of this ensemble, as your eye is drawn towards the center high neckline and tucked waist by way of the contrast between bright white and bold color. Yet, it could easily be the line in the sand for some modest Mollys. Let us know your thoughts on this Spring piece!

Does pairing this vest with a sleeveless top and fully modest skirt detract from an otherwise demure look? 


Super SweatshirtsA fun transitional basic for modest comfort and style.

cute sweatshirts for spring

The active-sportswear trend has been permeating fashion for the last few seasons, complete with relaxed bomber jackets, cozy leg warmers (seen in Prada’s Spring ‘13 campaign), and innovative sneaker designs from the likes of Rick Owens and Nike. Amongst all this sport luxe wear remains the sweatshirt, the star player.

The sweatshirt is the pinnacle of fashion’s reinvention capabilities, and it deserves to be explored by your individual style.

Singer 22 - with Code

Modest or Not?Pretty prints & appropriate length for modesty give this dress big points, but how much cut is too much?


modest fashion blog with kate spade dress for mormon apparelA pleated knee length skirt and a capped sleeve appear to make this Mariella dress from Kate Spade a perfect choice for church events, family parties, and even the office. Upon closer examination we find another understated detail; a scoop necked back. If the front of the dress was cut like this we might be quick to label it too risqué and immodest. With less fabric in the back this piece has a chance at straying from your personal values.  Is the cut too much?

Does Kate’s dress keep modesty in check, or will you choose a safer option this season?


The Modest Midi SkirtBest below the knee skirts perfect for church, work, LDS sister missionary wear, & summer family events.

modest fashion and mormon style blog for LDS missionary apparel

There are always challenges of dressing modestly, fashionably, and appropriately.  Thanks to trend setting fashion houses like Balenciaga, Celine, and Proenza Schouler, a longer length is on the rise. May we present the solution to your modest wardrobe woes-the mid length, or below the knee skirt.


Like It. Love It. Leave It.TMIs this modest dress a perfect piece or a collage of misplaced peonies?

Modest fashion spring dresses for mormon clothing and Lela Rose designer Spring 2013

Nothing says style like a dreamy floral print dress in silk and organza. This look from Lela Rose embodies a feminine shape in a modest cut that highlights classic beauty and flatters any shape. Is the impressionistic print making you want to don this dress?



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Up and coming designers play on southwestern influences allowing you to be fashionably western inspired. All bonnets aside, western themes boast of small floral prints, fringe, clogs, leathers & stone accessories. Oh yes, and the hottest pair of lady boots this side of Tucson!

Circle those wagons gals, we’re headed Westbound.


Just Like MommySpring fashion trends for Mom and Daughter - remembering fashion icon, Lilly Pulitzer.

mormon modest fashion for mothers day

Clothing is one of the strongest forms of personal expression we have. It is a basic need of course, but very early on becomes a way for children to display their personality and feelings, a practice that carries through to adulthood.

In honor of Mother’s Day, and to remember one of the most recognized women in fashion, Lilly Pulitzer, whose clothes are the quintessential display of personal expression, we show you four ways to express your love for your children through fun, bright, and beautiful clothes.


Spring Fashion Trends for ModestyThe latest trends in modest fashion and the best wardrobe style tips this spring.

Spring fashion trends and looks for modest clothing

If you have been shopping in the past few years, chances are you own one or more samples of our Spring trend highlights. Peplum, stripes, prints, lightweight leather, bold colors, and lace have made their presence known in seasons past, in fact we featured stripes and prints in our Spring trends article from 2011.

The prevalence of these trends has turned them into seasonal staples that carry the ability to shape your wardrobe into a modern Springtime repertoire of must have pieces. These trends may not be groundbreakingly new, but nothing in fashion ever is. It’s the evolution of modest style, the recycling and repurposing of trends and looks that keep fashion’s landscape dynamic and interesting, and thus your closet!

Sunday BestThis outfit is certainly modest in fashion, but is the skirt length and bare leg appropriate church clothing?

modest fashion and LDS clothing for sunday apparel with suzy menkes and modest fashion bloggers in sunday dresses for church salmon skirt

This week, La Petite Anglaise styles a look shot by Craig Arend, in response to Suzy Menkes’ scathing article about the fashion blogger circus going on outside the runways at Fashion Week. Suzy, and other experts, clearly have “blogger-beef” for good reason, but fashion blogs like La Petite Anglaise, are great style inspiration everyday when planning your wardrobe.

We’re loving this bright, bold look for Sunday service. The contrast of chartreuse, deep blue and rich salmon grab the eye- without distracting from the pulpits message.

Would you wear this outfit to church?


Modest Or Not?Is this colorblocked print top appropriate for all occasions?

Is this colorblocked print top appropriate for all occasions?

Sometimes life calls for clothing in an eye catching, color saturated pattern.

This combination of hot pink and deep red by Ostwald Helgason is great for a party or a dinner out, but in places like church or work it might be a bit too loud.

What’s your take on modest color and print?