Modest or Not?

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Shoshanna is a well-known brand for making clothes to fit many shapes and body types. This blouse with a Victorian lace front detail is a great versatile piece for a functioning wardrobe this Fall.

Yet does the transparency of the lace take it out of the running for a spot in a modest closet? Let us know what you think, and why. This question is always pertinent to the modesty debate. Maybe it depends on the piece, or maybe there is an unfailing rule. Let us know your thoughts!


Sarah H2 years ago I think it's modest (and I LOVE the color)- as long as the neckline stays put. I would probably end up wearing a cami underneath so as to not give everyone a free show when I bent over ;)
Modest Mom2 years ago The blouse is very cute and would be lovely with a complimentary cami or t-shirt underneath. I always dislike seeing white or brash colored bra straps shining out beneath lace or bare spots in clothing.
Haleigh2 years ago If there is something under the lace or if the lace isn't see through, then yes it's completely 100% modest. Love the look!
Antoinette Carpenter via Facebook2 years ago you could wear a shell under it to provide coverage and it would still be pretty
A2 years ago Though I think this is modest, it doesn't mean I don't have to alter to fit my style. There are a lot of modest things out that, that still need altering. Altering clothes is a bigger pain than finding modest clothing. I love this lace top and the delicacy it conveys, but I wouldn't be able to wear this as is.
Suzanne2 years ago I LOVE this and would wear it myself! However, I don't think the top by itself is,modest..the lace is cut so low that the upper portions of a woman's bra may be seen. I think if you chose not to wear a cami under it you would have to wear a strapless or a demi bra. This could be a concern, especially for more full busted women. But it is beautiful!!! I would wear whatever I had to underneath to make it work. :-)
Jenalee2 years ago If there is a backing behind the lace, it would be a modest beautiful blouse. Without a backing it is too revealing. Lace or sheer material can be almost as revealing as no material. At a distance it may look fine, but up close it can be too revealing. With a backing under the lace or a camisole or shell the blouse would be modest.
Kelley2 years ago I think this outfit is modest. Since the blouse is not tight and has long sleeves, the lace works. My job requires that I dress in modest business causal attire. This outfit would be perfect for work. I would feel completely comfortable wearing this blouse to work without a camisole underneath the lace.
Kristi Taylor Askew2 years ago Nate! Love the style. However, the lace would have to have a layering tee under it for my vote to be modest. If there were a square-necked layering tee, I'd be in. LOVE the blouse! (Oh, and I miss you, my friend. I hope all is well in your world. Take care!)
MissP2 years ago I think this is gorgeous! And modest. I like how the lace is a classy, subtle reveal of a little skin, without plunging into overtly sexy territory. The sleeve cut helps too.
Jillian2 years ago I think as long as the lace isn't low cut, it's totally modest. But I know for those of LDS faith, it would be a problem as their garments would show. For me, it would work. But you could add a tank top or other shirt below and still be 100% modest. It's a beautiful shirt and you could always use a cardigan over for a layer look as well!
Brittany Nicole Reichmuth via Facebook2 years ago I agree, in general they aren't modest but if there was a peach lining under the lace, sure:)

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