Just Like MommySpring fashion trends for Mom and Daughter - remembering fashion icon, Lilly Pulitzer.

mormon modest fashion for mothers day

Clothing is one of the strongest forms of personal expression we have. It is a basic need of course, but very early on becomes a way for children to display their personality and feelings, a practice that carries through to adulthood.

In honor of Mother’s Day, and to remember one of the most recognized women in fashion, Lilly Pulitzer, whose clothes are the quintessential display of personal expression, we show you four ways to express your love for your children through fun, bright, and beautiful clothes.

modest fashion by Lily Pulitzer mormon stylez

One of the most amazing qualities of Lilly Pulitzer’s designs are their ability to appeal to every generation. A shining example is here, in a skirt for Mom and a dress for daughter in the “tossing the line” print. More monochrome than some of Pulitzer’s other prints, these pieces are subdued enough for Mom to wear without drawing too much attention yet still fresh enough for her daughter with the added detail at the neckline. Add a charm bracelet for her and some bright pumps for Mom and you will be cool and coordinated.

STYLE TIP: Mom-keep your basics handy when wearing Pulitzer separates. Basic white tees are great for pairing and layering. They keep a full 50’s silhouette skirt modern.

modest fashion for mormon beachwear and swimwear

Perusing antique shops and flea markets for vintage finds is one of summer’s most treasured pastimes. Making it a Mother-daughter outing is even better. To casually coordinate you and your little one’s looks without being too formal, consider a flowing caftan for Mom, (perfect for covering up from the sun’s rays on a hot summer day) and a boatneck shift dress for your mini me. This print is quintessential Lily Pulitzer. Pinks, corals, blues, and greens all mix effortlessly in an “under the sea” type print. Mom’s has beading on the neckline and a drawstring waist for detail and shape, while the small version gives elbow length sleeve and deep front pockets, perfect for stashing tiny treasures.

STYLE TIP: This caftan’s flowing three quarter sleeves call for a statement making cuff. This metallic starfish fits the theme perfectly, accentuating one of the most beautiful parts of a woman’s body, her wrist.

Modest fashion skirt and women's apparel for mormons

Baubles and pink are always a safe bet to interest a little one in dressing up. If your skirt happens to match her dress, even better! This knee length A-line piece in a classic Lilly pink with a bubbly print is perfect for your summer wardrobe. Easily dressed up with heels, or down with a raffia wedge, it’s the perfect skirt for summer picnics or church functions.  Your little girl will agree with a dress in the same print all her own. The skirt has the same silhouette as Mommy without the extra hassle of a two piece. The beautiful pearl and gold bracelet will give her the sense that she’s dressed up just like her mom, an achievement of the highest degree in any little girl’s book.

STYLE TIP: A classic pump looks great with this style skirt, but just make sure it’s not black or a primary color. Neutrals and creams, even pastels, keep with the spirit of Lilly Pulitzer’s bright, summer inspired colors.

Modest fashion and church apparel for mormon women for mothers day

Despite summer’s carefree attitude, there are still times when a formal appearance is necessary. This is when Mommy and me matching can become overkill, so instead of choosing the same print and/or style to take your little one to church in, opt for a chic printed coat over an all white ensemble, and give your daughter a more age appropriate look with a classic Pulitzer pink and green dress topped with a white cardigan. Each of you is channeling the freedom and fun of the Pulitzer woman, a wonderful way to grow and bond. Give your little one a gold printed bangle to complete her outfit. She’ll feel just like Mommy and treasure your confidence in her to wear it.

STYLE TIP: White, white, white. It’s the perfect non-accessory for Lilly Pulitzer’s bright hues.


Coordinating looks with your daughter will make her feel special and loved, and give you a sense of pride and joy. There is no better way to mix and match your outfits together than with Lilly Pulitzer pieces. Embrace the colors and patterns and let your little one relish in the fact that she gets to dress like Mommy. Take advantage of this special mother daughter time, it goes by too fast!

Happy Mother’s Day!



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